Thursday, March 20, 2008


There is this white little town

in just about every single place

the town is filled with girls and boys

who are secretly royality.

the elders know this powerfull secret.

the king is waiting for his children to take what is theirs

to run with dignity,

to clothe themselves in purity and beauty

to live beyond the rest.

to pave a path of righteouness for those who don't know of this great king,

and his love for them.

He is wating for them....

to return to his castle,away from the liars and the theives

who rob them of their name,

and there precious,precious treasure.

He cries out "CLAIM SANCTUARY!"..but they hold their ears.

their worth is far more than they know

they deserve far more than they can imagine.

yet they live as though they are worthless...

wandering around the filthy streets like abandoned orphans.

cheapend and used.

they'd sell themselves for half a's a cheap thrill...

but it might make her feel a little less alone..tonight.

shes been used so many times

so she will do again it...and again.

whats one more time, right?

We are living in a blind Generation

who have no idea how much they are loved.

and how much they are worth.

God has called them...God has called you.

To walk in righteousness

To walk in purity,and grace,and love.

To LIVE life with a VALUE.To not give in to 2nd best.

To not sell yourself short fot the first flattering wink of an eye.

You are more precious to him than rubies

You are the apple of his eye and he adores you.

He created you in his perfect image.

set you apart. Called you BEAUTIFUL.

And gave you a destiny and a PURPOSE.

Seek the father.

If you dont know of his love, now you do.

you are a son

you are a daughter of the high king.

live like it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

so on and on and on

I love these photographs....

I find myself constantly frustrated by the way my need and deep desire for creativity is frequently over shadowed by my lack of talent and 'know how'.. As i look over these images above, i am intrigued by the use of things such as light. angle. pose. I find these photos tell a story, a snippet of time captured by a lense, whose music will sing on forever.

there is some much i see. think. know. feel. experience. however im not quite sure the purpose or meaning of thie post....maybe it should be titled 'the ramblings of a creativly frustrated woman'....though i will leave you with this question...

I wonder if what you desire, you will become?