Saturday, February 4, 2012

Advice to my un-created son

For just in case I am ever blessed with a little Prince, I have started a list. I wont teach him about the 'birds and the bees', how to shave or even to ride a bike.. that's what Dad will be for.

But below is just a little of what I hope to teach my son one day..

- Don't trust anyone who cant be kind to small children or animals.

- If you ask a girl out, always pay.

-If it is right, it happens—The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away.

-If a street performer makes you stop walking, you owe him a buck.

Never cancel dinner plans by text message. Especially with your Mama!

-More times than not, you will be judged by your shoes.

-There is just no good reason to look into a woman's handbag.

-The best way to ruin an apology is with an explanation.

-Women are crazy, irrational, needy and amazingly wonderful creatures.

-Don't ever get drunker than your boss

-Return a borrowed car with a full tank.

-Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.

-On occasion, unplug.

-If you are lucky enough to be invited into a woman's life.. this is a privialge, not a right and you will be there only as long as you deserve to be. Always woo. Always respect. Always cherish.

-Dont ever let your woman/mother mow the lawn.

-If you cant see your shirt cuff, your jacket doesn't fit.

Never shake someone's hand sitting down. Your grandad always told me this, and since he is wise, you should listen.

-Walk tall, kick ass, learn to speak arabic, love music, and never forget you come from a long line of truth seekers, lovers, and warriors.Hunter S. Thompson

-And like I told your sister, Be generous. with your time, your money, your heart. If there was a single lesson I could hope on my best day to impart to you, this would be it.