Sunday, May 18, 2008

her heart is broken, but she wears it well

heres what i thought about today:

If there were no such thing as mistakes..if we never failed..if we never stumbled...then we would never be able to fully understand or rely on the grace of God and the power of his spirit.. we would not be forced to step outside of a comfortable reaction to failure. the comfortable reaction and normally the first reaction we have is:

self pity depression
and feeling like a loser.

I make mistakes. I don't understand things sometimes. I make decisions based off of a feeling or emotion. I mess up. and SOME HOW he never fades.even when everything else does....he is always there to take me under his wing.

I cannot soely rely on myself to accomplish great things...i can't do it..I just can't.
he invented greatness...he called me great...therefore I am.
but the moment I get prideful..and think I can do it better...think that I can do it on my own...i fail. and i'm humbeld by this.

I long for certain things..and I am striving now to be patient and diligent in the little things before God will bless me with ....the things i long for.

but it all comes back to him. It all comes back to my heart longing for him. I want more of him.and more and more and more.

basically today I ask for grace,and I ask for more, we all need it. we all want it.

today proves that he is everlasting
even when nothing else stays the same
he is always the same.

i will wait for you.

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lusi said...

amen girl!
lus x