Sunday, July 27, 2008

small portions of the cosmo

as if you could measure Him
as if we could be taught
as if His presence
could be bound or bought

punch numbers
write letters
draw lines
around truth

he is this
he is that
he is purple
or blue

as if you could name
the infinite light
or measure his waters
in ways finite

perhaps you are proud
of your place in the chain
of your power
or knowhow
your import
your fame

perhaps you speak boldly
of things that you've done
vomiting lists
i've won. i've won

but oh!
how you've failed
and oh!
how you'll die

and rotting from pride

but oh!
how you've failed
and oh!
how you'll die

with a metal of honor
on a pulpit
in lights


Melanie B said...

You are so poetic, where do you get this stuff from?? Did you write it?? I love you miss you when I don't see your lovely face. Definately need to do a scrapping night again soon....Mxx

Brittany Snow said...

thankyou. yes this is mine... anything that i put on here that isnt my own, ill say!
this is my view on certian people in todays church.
i miss you. looking forward to scrapping with you.. i love you