Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I love my Dad!

*Sitting on the couch with Dad, watching Origin*

Me-“So dad, who won last time.”

Dad-“Britt? Really? Queensland won; in fact they have won the last four years.”

Me- “Oh. Are they allowed to tackle like that?”


Me- “that, what about that? Oh so they are meant to get it over that line for a point?”

Dad-“ Yes, they have to get it over the try line; that’s what they call a try.”

Me-“And a try is a point?”

Dad-“No, three points makes a try”

Me-“Gee, that’s confusing. Why are their shorts so little, I mean really.”

Dad- “it’s just the way it’s always been… Britt, I love you and I appreciate this attempt to bond, but isn’t there a movie you would prefer to watch… in the other room?”


Karen said...

ha ha ha...LOVE IT!! Those are the times we'll remember.

Melanie B said...

Hahahaha classic!!! So male!!!