Thursday, June 26, 2008

PS. things I just love about you.

This is my cousin Melanie. I am thankful for our beautiful friendship daily. She is an incredible sorce of strength in my life and someone who I just love to be around.

Although our relationship has had its up and downs and not-at-alls; we have managed to come out the other side more honest, more real than before. No walls. No nothing, just us.

I have three nieces, three amazing nieces that, just through their presence, add so much to my life. They all teach me so much, they make me think a lot; through their questions about everyday things that would otherwise be over-looked, I am constantly in awe of them. She is their amazing mum!

Mellie. thankyou for being a major part of my life. You give so much to my everyday and my all time favourite thing is.....simply doing nothing with you. iloveyou.

Interesting Fact: Saint Melania was a wealthy heiress and philantrophist of the fourth and fifth century who freed thousands of slaves and engaged in lifelong good works.

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Melanie B said...

britt my sweet you are a delight. I love you more than you could imagine. I know that the future holds amazing things, some good some bad, but we will all face it together!!! love you. Mxx
PS don't ever forget that you were created for someone special.