Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hello from South Carolina. Yes people, I am down south where things are a world slower, men call me mamn and everybody says 'yall'.

I spent the first few days here just resting and catching up on much needed sleep. Today Cheryl, Anne and I drove the 3 hours down to Savannah, Georgia. It was a small pretty town with a lot of history and great ice-cream!!

I am loving being with family. There are so many spare beds, but I have choosen to share with Annie and we stay up till veeeery late talking and laughing. We talk about the old times and the times yet to come. We talk about marriage and she calms down all my fears. I have an amazing family who would do anything to make sure I was safe.

So people, as I sit here in my socks and pjs, eating jelly beans and watching Julia Roberts... I will leave you with this... At times like this, we question our own strength. Or ability to hang on and not crumble. Love's an amazing thing. Can't see it. Can't touch it. Can't smell it. Yet, it's there with us from the day we're born. Live well, life is short so make the most of it. Love your family. Love your friends... and make sure they know it!


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Melanie B said...

Ooooohhh what a great photo!!! Mmm great scrapping photo with the pumpkins!! You sound good!!
Love you honey remember family is always there and love never changes!! Love you!!!

Me xx