Monday, December 7, 2009



Mum: Hi

Phone rings- it's husband (dad)

Mum: Why are you calling me

Dad: Cause you texted me

Mum: I know! You are supposed to text back, not call!

Dad: Can I help it that I prefer to hear your voice, rather than text you?

Mum: Yea, you need to get over that. I prefer texting AND Im watching Oprah!

Dad: But, you texted me.

Mum: I know, I am a grest multitasker, however, I cant talk to you on the phone and watch TV!

Dad: You are ridiculous!!

Mum: So.

How am I so normal?


Melanie B said...

That is like ROF hilarious!!! So your mum!! Lol
needed a good laugh!!!!

Me xxxx

Karen said...

Who said you were normal?