Monday, September 22, 2008


There are brief moments in time when I catch a glimpse of a world that I have been so carefully sheltered from. I was raised in...well, everywhere. I've seen the horrors of 3rd world countries, the depression and darkness that blankets Europe, and the disease that is killing Africa. The images in my mind are haunting. However, it is rare that I see deeply into the destruction and degradation of my own nation. After all, we are Australia (America)...and we own.

Tonight, I watched a movie.
I don't think I have been as moved in a movie since Schindler's List....seriously. It revealed the darkness of this "Nation Under God"...of a people who have been given so much, and are still so selfish, angry, violent, and hateful. Racism is exposed in its most raw state...and I must was startling.

I sometimes forget that we live in such a wicked and prejudiced world. A world where ethnicity is spat upon instead of celebrated...where heritage and culture are mocked, and where stereotypes are often all that we know about a people group. We are ignorant.

But it's deeper than racism.
People always complain about all of the evil in the world. Someone once asked me, "if there is a God, how come there is so much evil in the world? and why doesn't God do anything about it?"

the answer is simple. He did do something about it...he took my sin, your sin, and the sins of the world upon himself, and gave his life so that we might be free. There is nothing you feel that he hasn't felt. No humiliation, abandonment, rejection, or torture that he doesn't know. And his desire is for you to be free from all of he offers an exchange. Your grief for his joy. Your anxiety for his peace. Your hurt for his healing. Your weakness for his strength. Your brokenness for his restoration. Death for Life.There is a God who's love is unending, unconditional and absolutely pure. It is this love that changed me. It is the only hope for our culture.

But it has to start with you.


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