Monday, February 2, 2009

David Snow

Today I heard some insane stories about family units, in particular stories about fathers. My mind wanted to explode and my heart cry as I listened to these stories about gambling, alcohol and affairs. It made me see just how good I have it and just what an amazing Dad I have.

This is my Dad. He doesn't drink to much, smoke at all or bed hop. He has been crazy in love with my Mum for 20 years and is always home from work at 6pm. This man has battled cancer, bad facial hair and flares. He is strong and courageous and the first person I go to for advice.. When I go to him with guy questions his typical answer is

'Britt, man aren't that complicated...I love you, but you over think... build a bridge" or "He has your number, if he wants you, he'll call"

He taught me money and how to be wise with it. He invests my money and makes sure that I don't spend the profits. He thinks of the future.

He has taught me the principles of a good marriage. He delights in my mum!

He says on a daily basis that the reason Im not married is because God has to work extra hard on my husband instilling EXTRA patience!

His cuddles and consistency still make me feel 4years old.

This man opens doors, changes my tyres (in his work suit!!), takes me to lunch, throws aways my trashy magazines, explains things slowly.... loves me through thick and thin. Walks through life with me, accepting my choices, picking up broken pieces and championing me forward!

for without this man, i wouldn't be the same...

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Melanie B said...

THAT'S beautiful brit. Hope you had an ok day......I tried to ring you a couple of times???
Love you M xxx