Thursday, January 29, 2009


Did you know that there are things called 'wedding blogs', where hundreds of engaged or newlywed women blog and comment on all things weddings? I had no idea until today. I spent over an hour browsing through countless centerpieces, bridesmaid gifts, honeymoon destinations and save-the-date cards...HELLO? I have never been on of those girls who grew up reading bridal magazines or collecting things for my wedding scrapbook... Yet somehow I have caught this bridal bug... I just hope it passes before I actually get engaged... (Since the months before the wedding probably isn't the right time to let your betrothed know that you're insane!)

Anyway, on a different note. I found Qwyneth Paltrow's blog ( and all of her detox recipes.. I tired one this afternoon!


It was either the soup or I would have ordered place-cards... I thought this baby-food was the better choice!


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Melanie B said...

Mmmmmmm that looks delicious....NOT.....bride blogs what is this world coming to!!! Don't worry gorgeous your turn will come & he won't be a FROG/TOAD he will be a PRINCE, one fit for the Daughter of a King.
Love you M xx