Saturday, March 7, 2009

In the whole wide world

These girls will be many things as they grow; a neice and a cousin, a friend or a foe. A grandchild, a daughter, a mother, a wife. God has chosen their parents to guide them thru life.

And when childhood has finished may He bring along, kind and wise husbands with characters strong. Who'll always stand by their side as they both take a peep; loving their child who is scarcely asleep.

Life will shape them and mold them, time is playing a part. May God always hold them and keep them with kind and gentle hearts.

These little people light up my world. The highlight of my week is seeing them and their mum!
-plus, theyre not bad to take pictures of!!

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Melanie B said...

OMG Brit I LOVE you, they are the most gorgeous photos!!!! You know it lights up my day when we spend time together. I feel normal & comfortable & RIGHT!!! I know that God has an awesome man for you & I look forward to the day that I can share that with you. Can't wait till our next date!!! Love ya Me xx