Thursday, March 26, 2009


“My love story with John began with a bang…it was literally love at first sight. We might have initially thought it was trouble at first sight, but soon realized we had each found the one person God had selected just for us. I always believed that there was one right person for each of us, and although that theory was tested during my years of dating, John proved me right in the first moment we met. I had questioned those who claimed to “just know” when you find that one person, but the moment I locked eyes with the man I’d been hoping really did exist, my heart filled with understanding. It was an understanding that only comes from experiencing it for myself. Our first kiss was both a bond and a promise. Without having to express it in words, we both had gained that kind of unspoken understanding that told us this was forever. Kissing John has only become more exciting as time has passed because I know that our love is unending, unwavering, and will never be lost. And while there is great assurance and peace that accompanies those feelings, there is also a growing excitement….because kissing him, just like loving him, keeps getting better and better. ”

These two are crazy in love. ... I just loved what she wrote about him... This is part of her email (used with permission) Happy friday!

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Melanie B said...

now I go away & you blog up a storm. Great photo of those two by the way??!! Missing you can't wait to catch up.
Love Me xx