Wednesday, February 10, 2010

its for you

Darlings, as most of you know it's almost Valentines Day- So, I thought i'd do an 'It's for you' in honour of this wonderful (yet totally commercialised) heart covered day :)

How this post works: I will answer the below very random questions- then YOU can answer the questions as a comment. Why? Because sharing is caring *winks*.

1. I think Valentines Day... is a silly & sweet idea, but I personally would prefer to be surprised with a love gift on an unexpected day of the year.

2. One of my favourite romantic movies is.... The Notebook.

3. Love song of the week? 'Stay With You'- John Legend

4. What would you like to get most for Valentines Day? I would love a romantic handmade card or a handwritten love letter. Girls are really quite simple creatures.

5. This Valentines Day I.... don't care what I do, as long as I get to spend it with the Boyf. Hear from the Boyf. Talk to the Boyf. Like I said, women are so simple. Valentines day needn't cost a fortune, at the end of the day women want to feel appreciated. To know that their hard work doesn't go unnoticed and that the man in our lives just couldn't imagine his life without us in it. Simple.
(I secretly have big expectations for my very first couple-clad Valentines Day)


Melanie B said...

1. is highly commercialised, but I love getting gifts!!! I think it should be everyday. hahahahah And I am not a big gifts girl.

2. Ever After....the cinderella story or any disney princess movie.

3. art of love - guy sebastian & jordan sparks

4. My sweet DH letting me sleep in See I am a simple girl too.

5. Dont' really mind but would love to lie on a rug & watch the clouds with DH & my girls.

Karen said...

1. is just another day on the calendar.

2. Runaway Bride

3. Jesus Loves me??

4. A complete dinner made for me, served, and cleaned up after...It's valentine's day, I'm allowed to dream!

5. Have to will be a normal day!