Thursday, February 11, 2010

I've decided that...

life's too short for...

1. Sugar-free desert. How good can an unsweetened cookie really taste?
2. Patience. Whoever said that Patience was a virtue obviously haven't done a whole lot of air travel.
3. Not splurging on that designer bag at least once.
4. Leave in hair conditioner. use it. wash it. get over it.
5. Knitting your own jumpers.. One word -Country Road.
6. Getting out of your pajamas on a cold, windy wet day.
7. Making your career the focus of your life.
8. Not giving into temptation very once and awhile.
9. Organic carrots.
10. To not get to know your neighbours.
11. Putting honey in coffee.
12. Holding a grudge.
13. Nagging.
14. Baggage (unless it's the duty-free kind)

15. Life's too short to not appreciate those amazing people around you. It's too short to spend your time looking around at what others have and comparing. And last but definitely not least, life's too short to not use all the love in your heat every single day.

1 comment:

Karen said...

So you got that designer bag did you??