Thursday, May 6, 2010

10 things I learnt this week

1. Sweet banana muffins are yummy.

2. I think I am forming an addiction to Lean Cuisine

3. Lady morning teas are the best, especially when they are with old friends.

4. I am very happy and content in my relationship.

5. I have cried watching Oprah 5 days in a row.

6. The people that love you when you need it, they are your family.

7. Boiled eggs are not a quick breakfast option.

8. The Blind Side is a brilliant, sweet film with an important message.

9. Cleaning out your wardrobe is good for the soul.

10. It's important to practise random act of kindness.


Melanie B said...

Oh that's beautiful!! Mmmm now it is finding what really makes you come alive!! Love you.

M xxx

Karen said...

I'd cry if I had to watch Oprah for just 1 day in a row!!! 5 whole days?? I would be committed!!

Nanna Anne said...

Yes I watched it too and I have certainly found out who the people were who love me over these last few months!Quite suprising!!!

Brittany said...

Wow, that was a little bitchy.