Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hello Boots, welcome to your new home! I will love you and wear you and if you're good, take you on an all expenses paid trip to Europe!!

Do you like my new boots? I won them on eBay and picked them up this morning. I have been debating buying $400 Nine West boots for about a week now, and really couldn't bring myself to spend that much! Plus, I have always has this fascination with the old and 'preloved'... I like that there is a story to it... (and its usually doesn't cost you $400 to hear that story)

This week is going to be a good one! I have a morning tea planned (cupcakes mandatory), a movie night with Jess, a scrap night .... I must must must finish my America book and bind it already, a Brisbane vintage shopping day and a Barbie and Ken 21st birthday party!

Life is good and sweet! It really is what we choose to make it, so choose wisely!!!


Karen said...

Cute Boots for a beautiful girl!

Melanie B said...

Very cute. Mmmm vintage shopping sounds very nice and so does scrapping!!! See you Thursday!!

Me xx