Thursday, January 1, 2009

noodles and boxes

Today I got to thinking about women and the choices we make. Since birth, modern women have been told we can do and be anything we want. Be an astronaut, the head of an Internet company, a stay-at-home mum. There aren't any rules anymore, and the choices are endless, and apparently they can all be delivered right to your door. But is it possible that we've gotten so spoiled by choices that we've become unable to make one? Or perhaps deep deep down we all know who we are and what we want be we are unable to make a choice at fear of criticism...usally by those close to us!!!

So, here goes.

I like scrapbooking
I like crafts
I like to paint
I like making presents
I like making cards
I like sad, drizzly rainy days
I enjoy staying in on a friday night
I like deep convosations
I like when people take me seriously, regardless of my age
I like to explore the world
I want to be a wife
I want a good marriage
I want to champion on my husband daily
I want to create a beautiful home
I want to be a mum
I want to be a stay-at-home mum
I dont like spilt bills
I dont like in-consistancy
I dont like in-justice
I dont like heat
I dont like gyms
... I love Jesus

Numbers 6:25-27 (New International Version)
25 the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you

(and He will be gracious to you and allow you to figure out and walk into the person that He has lovingly created and be at peace with who the person is)

26 the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace."

PEACE. I am at peace with who I am, what I want and what I beleive. After all we make mistakes and maybe those mistakes are what make our fate. Without them, what would shape our lives? Perhaps if we never veered off course, we wouldn't fall in love, or have babies, or be who we are. After all, seasons change. So do cities. People come into your life and people go. But it's comforting to be secure in who God has called us to be.

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Melanie B said...

that is beautiful Britt. The best thing we can do not only for ourselves but our kids is to be confident & at peace with what & who God has called us to be!! You know if people took raising the next generation seriously imagine what could happen. I think you are an incredible young woman & I will always champion you!! Can't wait to start our quilt.....wink wink
Love you MUCH
Me xx