Saturday, January 17, 2009

safe love?

They say "all is fair in love and war".. "Love is a battlefield".. heaven knows that I grew up singing the song! But in all of these songs and all of these quotes, they never did stipulate when enough is enough. When exactly does the time come where it is acceptable, if not advisable, to withdraw your troops, cut your losses and run? When the battlefields of love are littered with various parts of you, can the ground thats been lost ever truly be won back?

Today at work an interesting conversation about birth control came up for open discussion and as I listened to stories bounce back and forth from both men and women, I not only realised further our very different views on the topic but also this thought; When you let someone into you bed or into your heart, is it ever safe?

When you have feelings for someone, reciprocated or otherwise, there are many rules which these days we are advised to follow. 'When to call', 'When not to call','Don't appear too interested' 'Be busy'; the list is endless. However the older I get and the more dates that I go on when does it become acceptable for a woman of 'today' to be honest, vulnerable and tell a man how she feels.

Furthermore, when does it come time to put away feelings that are standing out alone? Unrequited love isn't good for the soul, nor the heart, nor the girlfriends who so graciously sit through endless coffees listening to you.

I have decided, (thanks to New Years resolutions that I vow to uphold)

I think it's time to call it a day. Ive fought a good fight, but I'm withdrawing the troops.


Melanie B said...

OMG I have so missed all your posts!! They are beautiful & I love the photos. Some stuff I don't know what to say except that I think you are an exceptional human being that I am incredibly blessed to do life with. I love you beyond words & although I will probably hurt you & disappoint you,(I will try really hard not to) that I will always be here for you & support you. Don't worry we can be DAGS together!!! Love you
Me xx

Brittany Snow said...

Mel, I love you. Youre the one who seems to pick up the pieces from these battles and with your fancy sewing machine, you sew me back together. I love being your family!